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Building Health & Wellness

There is a general understanding that better building design provides health and wellbeing benefits whether in offices, homes or public spaces. The Building Health & Wellness stream will share a number of innovations which are emerging to help measure and enhance wellbeing in buildings that are being rolled out in the UK. The stream will consider the benefits of these innovations and the role of simulation and digital design in ensuring wellbeing. The session will examine the impacts from noise, overheating and solar shading before moving on to discuss building materials, health and indoor air quality. 

6 June: 10:40 - 17:30
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Offsite & Modular Construction

The advantages of offsite construction and production techniques - if properly executed - are well documented. Offsite construction offers a mass cuxtomisable product that is technically advanced and which can be efficiently delivered and yet it has less than a 2% share of the UK construction market. The Offsite & Modular Construction stream will assess the progress in the last year in this area, the benefits of using the various offsite methods and explore how using offsite construction can enable predictability for on-time and on-budget delivery, with the added benefit of sitting within a circular economy offering social, environmental and economic benefits. 

7 June: 10:50 - 16:30
Sessions / Speakers

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