Vision 2017 will host a series of international partners from across Europe

Technology and innovation know no borders and representatives from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Latvia will be exhibiting at the event through a collection of pavilions, each representing a different member state.

Designated areas will house trade and investment agencies showcasing companies and products from across Western Europe that would not otherwise be accessible in the UK. Demonstrations, talks and networking will provide opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with our continental counterparts. 

The pavilions include:

  • The Awex Pavilion: Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency
    Confirmed exhibitors: Pierre Bleue Belge, Marc Leseur Glass Doors, Korlam/Lamcol, Carrières du Hainaut,, Quadrature, Lithoss, Wanty Groupe
  • The Italian Pavilion: The Italian Trade Commission
    Confirmed exhibitors: Composite Research, Mosaico Digitale, Corvasce Savino, Pavimenti Fogazza srl, Nero Sicilia, Mosaicomicro, ITARCHI
  • The French Pavilion: Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK
  • The Latvian Pavilion: The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
    Confirmed exhibitors: Gravtex, La Lampa, KSIL Baltic, Stikla Serviss, RUBRIG
  • The Belgian and Luxembourg Pavilion
    Confirmed exhibitors: Polydur Products BVBA, Argex NV, Vande Moortel NV, Cloudalize, Kerkstoel 2000+, Aproplan, TAL NV

In addition to the international exhibitors, this year's seminar programme includes a series of International Conversations & Keynotes on both days of the event. The most innovative, admired and forward-thinking architects, engineers and consultancies from across the globe will share their philosophies, insights and experiences during these sessions.

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