At FutureBuild, Vision will curate the seminar programme content, dedicated to the future vision for London, which will be debated by leading speakers from the architectural world and beyond. The London Plan will inspire the main areas of discussion as it is critical that action is taken now to deliver results in London, as well as the wider environment and society.

  • The vision aims to develop London into:
  • A city that meets the challenges of economic and population growth
  • An internationally competitive and successful city with a strong and diverse economy
  • A city of diverse, strong, secure and accessible neighbourhoods
  • A city that delights the senses and takes care over its buildings and streets,
  • A city that becomes a world leader in improving the environment locally and globally,
  • A city where it is easy, safe and convenient for everyone to access jobs, opportunities and facilities

Download the Vision London Symposium 2019 programme

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